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    Slow 40G->10G Performance when Traffic Flows over MLAG IPL




      I have a pair of SX1410's configured with MLAG. In a situation where a 40G port is trying to send traffic to a 10G port located on the partner switch, the performance is terrible - in this case around 50-60Mbps. Where receiving, the 40G attached host receives from the 10G host at nearly line speed (9.9Gb/s)


      When the same 40G port sends traffic to a 10G port located on the same switch, the performance is very good, nearly line speed (9.9Gb/s).


      There is no other traffic currently on the switches and I am using iperf to test, but can reproduce with other applications. Flow control is enabled pretty much every, so maybe this has a bearing. I cannot reproduce the problem where hosts are both 40G in any combination of tests - that works absolutely fine.


      Any ideas?