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    Is srp supported in RHEL7.2 PPC64 ?


      Hi all,

      Trying to hook up my IB storage device to my Power7 Server running RHEL 7.2 ppc64.  Installed the latest OFED, but srp isn't working.  Can't find any info anywhere that says it is not supported?


      The cards ConnectX 2 VPI cards.   Has anyone tried this?




      Mark Guz

        • Re: Is srp supported in RHEL7.2 PPC64 ?

          Not sure about PPC64 architecture but, in general, the situation with Mellanox Infiniband and SRP support is this:

          • SRP initiator is supported out of the box, both with inbox and the latest Mellanox OFED distro
          • When using RHEL inbox drivers, SRP target is supported with LIO. If you install Mellanox OFED, the inbox drivers are removed and you lose SRP support for LIO
          • SCST has its own SRP target driver that can be used against both inbox and Mellanox OFED, up to the latest version. So you have to use SCST target if you want to use Mellanox OFED.

          Hope this helps.