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    NEO 1.6.1 is now available


      We released today NEO 1.6.1 for general availability. This is an update release to main NEO 1.6 version from May, 2016.



      • NEO 1.6.1 includes several bug fixes and some important enhancements, most of which intend to simplify the installation experience.
      • This release also includes NEO virtual appliances compatible for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, VirtualBOX, and CentOS/Red Hat KVM hypervisors. The virtual appliances are pre-packaged virtual machines installed with NEO 1.6.1, which can be deployed very easily on laptop/server in a customer setup.
      • Lastly, NEO 1.6.1 release adds support to the SN2100 switch system for discovery, monitoring and provisioning.


      The software and full documentation is available under the NEO product page at MyMellanox site: