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    Voltaire 500EX-D. Mellanox MHGH28-XTC(DDR) or MHEH28-XTC(SDR)?


      Hi all,


      I am new to IB world and have question.


      I am installing Voltaire 500EX-D. According to Voltaire flyer (https://cw.infinibandta.org/files/showcase_product/090726.192240.411.HCA-DS-WEB-052709.pdf), 500EX-D is DDR.

      Documents for OEM HCA (e.g. IBM, HP) also say that 500EX-D corresponds to Mellanox MHGH-28XTC (DDR).

      Whereas, 'flint' gave

      device ID=25408


      These are IDs for MHEH28-XTC (SDR).


      Does any one know which is correct? Is any way to enable DDR?