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    How can I find SX6036G Switch GUID on CLI?


      I purchased 2 of SX6036G Gateway Systems.

      I met a problem in configure SM at add a Root nodes that switch GUID.

      I used 4036, 5035 Fabric IT based system that has a Fabric Inspector or ibnetdiscover cli command.


      But, SX6036(G) and later system change Fabric Inspector license to optional.


      Sure! I can find my switch GUID on a seperate host which installed Mellanox OFED or old 4036 system.


      I saw a link below.


      Mellanox LIC-Fabric-Inspector Enhanced IB Diagnostics License for FOR 1 MANAGED NODE - Mellanox Store


      This is a 1 node license.

      I think node means that equiped a HCA on system.


      But this is a switch.


      Should I must buy at least lot of 36 LIC-Fabric-Inspector licenses per my SX6036G?