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    Atomics with EDR cards


      I want to know if verbs-level atomics (fetch_and_add, compare_and_swap) are supported with the following EDR card?



      CA 'mlx5_0'

        CA type: MT4115

        Number of ports: 1

        Firmware version: 12.14.2036

        Hardware version: 0

        Node GUID: 0x7cfe9003005d81c6

        System image GUID: 0x7cfe9003005d81c6

        Port 1:

        State: Active

        Physical state: LinkUp

        Rate: 100

        Base lid: 36

        LMC: 0

        SM lid: 3

        Capability mask: 0x2651e848

        Port GUID: 0x7cfe9003005d81c6

        Link layer: InfiniBand