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    How to build MLNX_OFED on Ubuntu 16.04


      Hi there,


      I have a ConnectX3 Pro (MCX313A-BCCT) and I try to build the current release of MLNX_OFED (3.2- on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 installation.

      Unfortunately (or "as expected"?) build fails,

      I added an entry in "install.pl" for ubuntu16, but it did not do the trick.


      Errors in /tmp/.../mlnx-ofed-kernel-dkms.debinstall.log:


      ERROR (dkms apport): unable to determine source package for mlnx-ofed-kernel-dkms

      Error!  Build of mlx_compat.ko failed for: 4.4.0-18-generic (x86_64)


      Both error logs mlnx-ofed-kernel-dkms.debinstall.log + mlnx-ofed-kernel-dkms.make.log are attached.


      Anybody any idea?


      Thank you for your help