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    Can VMA and DPDK be used together?


      Want to know:


      The reason is I want to use mlx connectx-3 as my nic in intel-ONP alike servers, so i can virtualize as much appliances as possible while keeping latency as low as possible.


      Also want to use redis cluster to use ram as l1 storage, nvme as l2 , and l3 ssd 's. My question  is mainly about the ram though,


      Hope someone can help.




        • Re: Can VMA and DPDK be used together?


          These are completely two different products, one is a Network stack (VMA) which emulates RDMA over kernel sockets and the other one is a user splace accelerator software which accelerates processes over L2 and L3.


          They might be used together, for example, if DPDK is only accelerating L2 packets.