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    i2C cable for ISR9024D


      I have a used (ebay) Voltaire ISR9024D switch, and need to connect to the console to configure it. The switch is presumed to be working, but not confirmed. I don't yet have HCAs in place to test it, so I want to get into the console to reset the configuration from whatever the previous owner had set up. The only 9-pin connector on this model is an i2C connection, not RS232.


      The Installation manual gives a pinout for RS232 (2=Tx, 3=Rx, 5=Gnd), and I've wired up a cable accordingly, but we get nothing on the console. So I'm wondering if the pinout on the i2C connection is different?


      We're trying to connect from an old Win2k machine (only because it's the nearest one to the switch that has a COM port on it), and have tried Putty, RealTerm and HyperTerminal - nothing from any of them. At this point, we've tried a rollover cable, a straight-thru cable, and one matching the pinout from the manual. Am I missing something here?


      Tonight I'm bringing the switch home to play with there. I've only got a Mac laptop, so I'll be using a USB->Serial adapter. Hopefully that will work. In the mean time, can anyone point me to a known working console cable (or pinout) for this switch?