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    WebUI not comming up in any browser


      I have just bought a SX1012  that is being setup for large image transfers over Ethernet. The setup

      appears to go through without any errors which was done several times. I can access with serial or

      ssh however both http port 80 and https 433 are available and come back with errors:


      The page isn't redirecting properly

      Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.


      Same happens with any browser from any internal workstation.


      This is the "web" setup on mgmt0


      mellanox-2 [standalone: master] # show web

      Web User Interface:
         Web interface enabled:  yes
         HTTP enabled:           yes
         HTTP port:              80
         HTTP redirect to HTTPS: no
         HTTPS enabled:          yes
         HTTPS port:             443
         HTTPS certificate name: default-cert
         Listen enabled:         yes
         No Listen Interfaces.

         Inactivity timeout:     1 hr
         Session timeout:        2 hr 30 min
         Session renewal:        30 min

      Web file transfer proxy:
         Proxy enabled: no

      Web file transfer certificate authority:
         HTTPS server cert verify: yes
         HTTPS supplemental CA list: default-ca-list



      I have multiple enterprise devices like switches that work fine from port 80 or port 443 on the

      same test workstation.


      Thank you