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    Configuring mgid in partitions ( windows + opensm )


      Hello, community.


      Recently I've tried to install OpenSM on Windows host. It looks to work fine, subnet comes up, ports go to active state and I can send/receive data.
      I want to define some mgid in my partitions, so I've copied config from Linux host:


      Default=0x7fff, ipoib, rate=7, mtu=4, scope=2:





      some more MGIDs


      ALL=full, ALL_SWITCHES=full;

      But it does not work under Windows. When opensm starts I see following message:

      PARSE ERROR: line 2: bad PortGUID

      PARSE ERROR: line 3: bad PortGUID
      PARSE ERROR: line 4: bad PortGUID

      What is right way to define mgids in partition, if OpenSM runs on Windows host?


      Also, is there any way to reserve mlids for certain mgids, like guid2lid for unicast?