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    ConnectX4 and SRIOV : supporting VL ?




      On my testing environment, I would like to use ConnectX4 HCA with SRIOV enabled. I'm having trouble using multiple VL.


      I'm running CentOS7.1 and MLNX_OFED_LINUX-3.1-1.0.3 (OFED-3.1-1.0.3)

      Here are the details of my card :


      HCA : ibv_devinfo

      hca_id: mlx5_0

      transport: InfiniBand (0)

      fw_ver: 12.12.1100

      node_guid: e41d:2d03:00f2:9fb4

      sys_image_guid: e41d:2d03:00f2:9fb4

      vendor_id: 0x02c9

      vendor_part_id: 4115

      hw_ver: 0x0

      board_id: MT_2180110032

      phys_port_cnt: 1

      port:      1

      state: PORT_ACTIVE (4)

      max_mtu: 4096 (5)

      active_mtu: 4096 (5)

      sm_lid: 1

      port_lid: 8

      port_lmc: 0x00

      link_layer: InfiniBand


      My issue is that the number of VL activated on the network is only 1 :



      # smpquery PI 8 1 | grep .VL





      How can I use the maximum number of VL (8) on a connectX4 HCA with SRIOV enabled ?


      Thanks !



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          This message was posted by Yair Ifergan on behalf of Vishal Parikh

          Hi Jerome David,


          Sorry for the late reply.


          It seems at this point only 1VL is supported with SR- IOV configured and enabled.




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              Hi Vishal,


              Sorry I was out of office since your answer.

              Thank you for the clear answer.


              Do you know if there is any plan to get VL support with SRIOV on connectX4 ?

              We actually use that feature with connectX2 and connectX3. So for us the lack of this feature is a regrassion.


              Do you have any info on How to do QoS when SRIOV is enabled ? Is see at leat 2 needs here :

                   - Garantee a minimum BW per VM on an Hypervisor using SRIOV (Maybe there is a feature in SRIOV for that ?)

                   - Garantee a minimum BW per SL per Hypervisor (My opinion is that VL are mandatory).