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    qperf version in RHEL6


      Trying to update a RHEL6 server with mlnx-ofed-all-3.0-1.0.1.noarch installed and having dependency issues.

      When I run yum update all I get -

      Error: Package: mlnx-ofed-all-3.0-1.0.1.noarch (@rh6-mellanox-x86_64)

                 Requires: qperf = 0.4.9-1

                 Removing: qperf-0.4.9-1.x86_64 (@rh6-mellanox-x86_64)

                     qperf = 0.4.9-1

                 Updated By: qperf-0.4.9-1.el6.x86_64 (x86_64-server-6_2015-10-01)

                     qperf = 0.4.9-1.el6


      So I can't install the same version!

      Is the mellanox RPM hard coded to look for the exact qperf RPM rather than the version number?

      If so, this needs fixing, if not I'll have to run a yum shell to sort this out.


      Kernel version is 2.6.32-504.16.2.el6.x86_64

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          I cant reproduce this using the Mellanox create yum repo script that comes with Mellanox OFED. Can you try the same ?

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              Hi Erez,

              The whole point is that we shouldn't have to use a Mellanox supplied RPM for a package which is already in the official Red Hat channels.

              The advice we got from our 3rd party supplier was to use yum-versionlock, which is rather avoiding the issue IMHO.

              We've had problems with version locking RPMs in the past, as this can also prevent security errata being installed.