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    Firmware for ConnectX-3 Cards with ISL PSIDs




      This is my first post and I couldn't find any reference to my question. I have several ConnectX-3 cards I am trying to upgrade the firmware on. Specifically they are CX354A cards with P/N 050-0050-02. They are in Linux servers running Ubuntu 14.04. When I installed the OFED, it dumped the following details about the card and said it failed to update the firmware image because there was not a compatible image available in the OFED.


        Device Type:  ConnectX3
        Part Number:  050-0050-02_01
        Description:  ConnectX-3 VPI adapter card; dual-port QSFP; QDR IB (40Gb/s) and 10GigE; PCIe3.0x8 8GT/s; RoHS R6
        PSID:         ISL1090110018

        PCI Device Name:  0000:02:00.0

        Port1 GUID:   f4521403003a2981
        Port2 GUID:   f4521403003a2982
        Versions:     Current    Available
      FW         2.30.8020  N/A
      PXE        3.4.0151   N/A


      I did some research and while looking at burning the firmware directly, I found that the firmware available on the Mellanox website for this card requires a PSID of mx_1090110018 and mine have a PSID of ISL1090110018. I cannot find any reference on the internet to what the ISL prefix means or where to find the correct firmware image.


      Any help in how to get the firmware updated would be greatly appreciated.