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    Mellanox FlexBoot hangs system startup


      On all boots, the MCX313A-BCBT 40GbE adapter brings up the Mellanox FlexBoot screen. However on some occasions, it hangs and does not let the boot process continue.

      In such a case, it prints:

      Mellanox FlexBoot v3.4.521

      iPXE (http://ipxe.org) 0A:00.0 003E PCI3.00 PnP PMM+_

      ..and then it just stops until a power cycle.

      Any ideas why?

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          Hello Peter,


          Can you please attach a screenshot?

          Also can you please tell whether the Mellanox HCA is enabled on the pxe boot sequence?




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              at this point in the boot process I cannot make a screenshot yet, so attached is a photo.

              Normally, the sequence is like Mellanox Flexboot inits, Integrated Ethernet boot ROM1 inits, Integrated Ethernet boot ROM2 inits, then comes the AMI BIOS screen, and then it starts booting the first boot device.

              Please note that the Mellanox card is not used for PXE, as in this specific case we have been booting from a local SSD drive. Therefore none of the PXE entries have been activated.

              Nevertheless, this message appears first during the whole boot process.

              When it hangs, it does so at this point:



              Please note that I have tried to disable this (as we do not need it) from:

              -the FlexBoot configuration (set Option ROM -> Disabled)

              -using "flint -dev <mst device name> drom" -> this did not succeed.


              Then, on the official support site, I have been advised to use

              flint -d <mst device> --allow_rom_change drom

              instead, which apparently removed the ROM and the message altogether. This avoids the problem in my case, but I guess it should not stop there anyway.


              Best regards,