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    HCA extended port counters


      Are 64bit HCA port counters (ie. /sys/class/infiniband/ on linux systems) a feature specific to mellanox ?

      or is it more generic to OFED ?


      Do you know when extended port countes were introduced ?



      Chris Hunter

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          These are Infiniband performance counters, they are not specific to Mellanox drivers.


          I believe they were around for at least 7 or 8 years if not longer.

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            Which /sys/class/infiniband counters are you referring to ? I suspect that you're asking about the ones in PortExtendedCounters attribute (which include 64 bit versions of the data counters in PortCounters and some unicast/multicast ones). If so, this is optional on a per device basis and these only show up for devices which support them. I don't have a list of all Mellanox HCAs and switches as to whether or not they are supported but it's easy to tell (via perfquery -x (or --extended)) directed at port in question. If it responds with counters, then they should show up in /sys/class/infiniband on the machine which contains that port.