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    map-by dist not working in HPC-X?


      I have noticed that the HPC-X MPI does not support the -map-by dist:<hca_name>  any longer.

      Even when rebuilding it I don't get it to compile in the "dist" value for this option.


      I suspect, but I am not sure that it has to do with the building of the hwloc library. Right now I can not see what makes it fail though. The configure and build looks as if they work as expected.


      Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?


      It works as expected in HPC-X 1.2.0-325 but not in 1.3.0-326 nor in 1.3.331  (RHEL 6.5/6.6 versions used)


      mpirun -help shows:

         --map-by <arg0>       Mapping Policy [slot | hwthread | core | socket

                               (default) | numa | board | node]

      The man page lists:

      Supported options include slot, hwthread, core, L1cache, L2cache,  L3cache, socket, numa, board, node, sequential, distance, and ppr.


      It works fine to run version 1.2.0-325 on m,y system, but using -map-by dist:xxxx,span  on the 1.3 versions I get the following error:


      The mapping request contains an unrecognized modifier:

        Request: dist:mlx5_0,span

      Please check your request and try again.


      [nxt0225:27836] [[2496,0],0] ORTE_ERROR_LOG: Bad parameter in file ../../../../../openmpi-gitclone/orte/mca/ess/hnp/ess_hnp_module.c at line 523