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    FDR with unmanaged switch


      I have been trying to set up a new cluster using an 18 port MSX6015 switch and 9 systems with connectx-3 cards/built in IB:

      08:00.0 Network controller: Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3]

      and 8X

      02:00.0 Network controller: Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3]

      All cables are new FDR cables.

      They are running a newish (3.17.3) kernel, although I have 4.0.3 ready to go when I can reboot them.

      They are running debian with the current OFED, and even opensm 3.3.18

      All firmware has been brought up to the most recent posted one.


      I have set

      # Force PortInfo:LinkSpeedExtEnabled on ports

      # If 0, don't modify PortInfo:LinkSpeedExtEnabled on port

      # Otherwise, use value for PortInfo:LinkSpeedExtEnabled on port

      # Values are (MgtWG RefID #4722)

      #    1: 14.0625 Gbps

      #    2: 25.78125 Gbps

      #    3: 14.0625 Gbps or 25.78125 Gbps

      #    30: Disable extended link speeds

      #    Default 31: set to PortInfo:LinkSpeedExtSupported

      #force_link_speed_ext 31

      force_link_speed_ext 1

      (have also tried 31)


      # FDR10 on ports on devices that support FDR10

      # Values are:

      #    0: don't use fdr10 (no MLNX ExtendedPortInfo MADs)

      #    Default 1: enable fdr10 when supported

      #    2: disable fdr10 when supported

      fdr10 1


      in the opensm.conf



      I still get a connection of 40 and iblinkinfo saye:

      4   10[  ] ==( 4X          10.0 Gbps Active/  LinkUp)==>       3    1[  ] "MT25408 ConnectX Mellanox Technologies" ( Could be FDR10)


      CA: MT25408 ConnectX Mellanox Technologies:

            0x002590fffff7b3c5     33    1[  ] ==( 4X          10.0 Gbps Active/  LinkUp)==>       4   13[  ] "SwitchX -  Mellanox Technologies" ( Could be FDR10)

      for all live ports.

      Does anyone have any ideas of what i could be doing wrong?





      Ok I have an update -

      I found another posting on how to modify the firmware to be able to run back to back 56Gig IB. I did this with all the cards and the switch. I set tboth fdr10 and 56gig on in the init files and rebuilt firmware. After reboots of everything one of our models is running 25 minutes faster than before (was 3. hrs). However, ibportstate and ibstat still report tha everything is running at 40. Also iblinkinfo reports that it all "could be 56Gig"

      Any ideas? Is it working and the reporting is just bad?


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