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    SX1012 Switch and connect to a Dell PowerConnect 2824

      Hi All,


      I had a look around the forum and looks like one of the question is very close to what I'm think about.


      I'm looking to add a few Nutanix Nodes to my network, which connect via 10Gbe SFP+, currently I don't have any 10GbE infrastructure.


      So I was thinking of purchasing an SX1012 Switch.


      With two of the break out 40GbE Connectors, that connect into the Nutanix nodes.


      But my question is, How do I get the SX1012 to connect to my Dell PowerConnect 2824? The 2824 has 2 x 1GbE SFP connection and 24 1Gb RJ45.


      Could I use on of the

      MPN: MC3208411-TMellanox MC3208411-T Module ETH 1GbE 1Gb/s SFP Base-T Up To 100m

      and connect to the 2824 using RJ45?