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    Connectx-3EN and Connectx-pro: SRIOV : eswitch related query

      I am trying to use Connectx-3EN and Connectx-pro adapters in SRIOV mode inside a PowerKVM host. Issue what I am facing is realted to VF-VF communication on the same NIC port/PF. I had created 4 VFs on each ofthe cards what I had. Then created 2 guests [RHEL 71.LE] and assigned 1 VF each to them via pci passthrough. Assigned IP addressed both of VFs [same subnet used], but I am not able to communicate between two guests using the VF interfaces.. Is there any additional configuration which I need to do? I had referred to below doc on your website, which has a comment at last saying 'Yes, the card support local bridging ( loopback). bridging is on the same e-switch ( currently same port) .'




      But for me its not working. I looked for any utilities which Mellanox has to interact with the eswitch, but found only eswitch module for openstack which cannot be used for my purpose. Appreciate any pointers or help here.


      Thank you.


      Srikanth Aithal