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    vSphere OFED 1.8.3 Beta


      I'm install vSphere OFED 1.8.3 Beta driver yesterday.

      iSER shows a good performance and reliability.

      Single port test was show a good performance at 3.6GB/s throughput, but dual port wasn't.


      Only 4.2GB/s. Because a PCIe 2.0 x8 slot's bottleneck...:)


      But here is some qustions.


      Q1. How can I change QD per LUN on iSER?


      Q2. Whenever create Host Profile was failed on every ESXi 6 host with vSphere OFED 1.8.3.


      Q3. What's your iSER target?

             I'm using OmniOS now

             When I prepared try CentOS 7 LIO iSER Target for VAAI support.