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    Learning about Infiniband switches - Advice Please



      I'm putting in (or planning on putting in) a Ceph Cluster with my Proxmox (Virtual Hypervisor) in my home network.  Between my 3 Ceph servers I want to use Infiniband and saw some decent prices on ebay.  I'd like to learn more about the types of switches available and I'm hoping this community can provide some tips for me.


      I'm looking at using DDR (20Gbps) Nics in my servers.   Are there 8 port Infiniband switches you can suggest I look for on ebay that would work?  Something that isn't too loud.  I see lots of larger 24 port switches but for my small setup 8 ports would be more than enough. 

      I also found an Flextronics F-X430066 8-Port 4X SDR InfiniBand External Switch for a great price but I'm assuming that this switch would limit me to 10Gbps...is this a correct assumption?


      Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,