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    Make file for linux kernel

      Morning all,


      Wondering if I could get some help with trying to build a new kernel for OFED?


      We are running SUSE SLES12 SP3 version 3.0.87-rt113-0.7-rt and trying to load version 2.3-2.0.0 of the Mellanox OFED.  The problem is that when I try and run the install I get an error that I do not have the correct kernel available.  So I have tried to us the mlnx_add_kernel_support.sh to make a iso to support the kernel that I am running but not having much luck with the syntax.   I have tried several variations and switch settings but no luck with my command to do the make.  Anyone have good experience with this?





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          Can you please pass on whatever logs you have in /tmp after a failed attempt to install the driver with add_kernel_support script ? we might be able to pinpoint what's blocking the installation.

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              Looking over the release notes, i don't see a support for SLES12 SP3. the latest release of Mellanox (2.4.XX) supports SLES12 default.

              Could it be that you are looking for SLES11 SP3? (the kernel version you provided also suggests its a SLES11)


              Also, I see that you have a real-time kernel installed. given this is where you want to go, i would recommend you to stay with the OFED that was provided with the kernel itself (e.g. inbox driver).