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    Does MLNX_OFED also support FreeBSD?

      We want to implement IO virtualization over InfiniBand, For this we need to have following system requirement:

      • MLNX_OFED Driver

      • A server/blade with an SR-IOV-capable motherboard BIOS

      • Hypervisor that supports SR-IOV such as: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Version 6.*

      • Mellanox ConnectX® VPI Adapter Card family with SR-IOV capability


      As per our finding currently Mellanox supports following OS:

      RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, SLES, OLE, Citrix, Fedora and Debian. Does MLNX_OFED also support FreeBSD? As we need to implement the same on FreeBSD.



      Sagar Borse