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    How to connect a SX1012 Ethernet switch to 10Gb RJ45

      We have just bought a new Mellanox SX1012 Ethernet switch. The idea was to interconnect a multicore server with a dual 10Gb Ethernet card (with RJ45 plugs) to a NAS also having a pair of 10 Gb (RJ45) Ethernet connectors. We have also another NAS which we will connect in the future. So far we have also got a Mellanox passive cooper hybrid cable ETH, 40GbE to 4x10GbE QSFP to 4xSFP+. The problem is that the SFP+ cables can be connected neither to the RJ45 connectors of the server nor to the RJ45 connectors of the NAS. Thus, we are wondering:


      1) Are there any cables that directly split from QSFP to 4xRJ45?.

      2) If not, with the current equipment, are there any kind of "adapters" from SFP+ to RJ45?

      3) Do we need to buy a second switch with 1 or 2 SFP+ connectors to convert the SFP+ to RJ45?

           3.1) If this is the case, do you have any hint for what could be the best option to not reduce the bandwidth of interconenction between the NAS and the server?



      Many thanks!!

      Miguel Ángel