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    Neutron ML2: VM instances do not get IP via DHCP

      Hi All,


      I am trying icehouse.


      I followed the openstack and mellanox documentation to successfully bring up my own setup. I created Ethernet SR-IOV instances on compute node by following the steps in this doc:



      The VM instances boot and even show the mellanox virtual eth interface that was 'pass-through'ed to it. However, it doesn't get a IP automatically.


      My queries are:

      1. Has anyone seen DHCP working with mellanox ml2 setup?


      2. I have not installed 'Mellanox Dnsmasq driver' as it is mentioned under the 'InfiniBand Network' section of mellanox-icehouse doc whereas I am configuring 'Ethernet Network'. Should I still install 'Mellanox Dnsmasq driver'?


      3. I see this error in /var/log/neutron/dhcp-agent.log on network node - "TRACE neutron.agent.dhcp_agent RemoteError: Remote error: AgentNotFoundByTypeHost Agent with agent_type=DHCP agent and host=controller could not be found". Should I worry about it?


      4. Can I do something else (run some quick tests, check logs etc) to debug this?



      - neutron-dhcp-agent is running on network node.

      - While the VM instance is coming up, it shows this on console for few seconds - "Determing IP information for eth0....". And, finally it says "failed".


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!