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    How to create IB partitions without enabling IPOIB



      I've been trying out setting up of partitions in our IB fabric. I'm using a SX6036 with the onboard SM enabled. I have thre nodes which are connected to this switch. I've done the following changes to the partition config.

      Default Partition -> FULL Membership for SELF

                                  LIMITED membership for ALL

      Test Partition 0x0010 -> Full Membership for GUID's of two of the nodes.

      When I try to run ib_send_lat or any of the test programs, I keep getting the following error on the sending side

      Completion with error at client

      Failed status 12: wr_id 0 syndrom 0x81

      scnt=1, ccnt=1


      In the SM logs, I keep getting a message


      log_trap_info: Received Generic Notice type:2 num:257 (Bad P_Key) Producer:1 (Channel Adapter) from ......

      What am I doing wrong ?I must mention, when I give FULL Membership to ALL in the Default partition, all nodes can talk to each other, but that's not what I want to achieve.

      Any tips are appreciated.