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    IPoIB iscsi disconnects. CQE retry exceeded

      Hi guys,


      The new environment we are running is having some issues, the following is the architecture.


      Compute - XenServer 6.2 (HP DL360 G7s)

      Storage - OmniOS Comstar Target

      Voltaire 4036 switching

      Connectx2 cards

      OFED 1.5.4


      The system has been relatively stable, however when the system is placed under load it generates iscsi connection errors (1020) on the compute side, and CQE retry counter exceeded errors across the storage nodes.


      I've search high and low for similar issues, but cannot find out any further information about what may be causing this issue.


      Is there any information I am missing, or has anyone else experienced similar issues?


      Where would one start to debug such an issue?


      Thanks in advance.