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    OFED install firmware update fails on Ubuntu 14.04


      Hi, When installing OFED 2.2-1.01 on Ubuntu 14.04, a firmware upgrade is required for my ConnectX-3 adapter, but fails with:


      Fail : The given image is not a failsafe image


      Any idea what may be going on here? Thanks.

      -- Bud


      Querying Mellanox devices firmware ...


      Device #1:



        Device Type:      ConnectX3

        Part Number:      MCX311A-XCA_Ax

        Description:      ConnectX-3 EN network interface card; 10GigE; single-port SFP+; PCIe3.0 x4 8GT/s; RoHS R6

        PSID:             MT_117011xxxx

        PCI Device Name:  0000:02:00.0

        Versions:         Current        Available    

           FW             2.30.3200      2.31.5050    

           PXE            3.4.0146       3.4.0225     


        Status:           Update required



      Found 1 device(s) requiring firmware update...


      Device #1: Updating FW ... Fail : The given image is not a failsafe image

      Log File: /tmp/OFED.28304.logs/fw_update.log