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    Windows teaming and Cisco vPC

      Hi all

      I've not found much information on this, so I'm hoping someone has come across this before.  I have a number of Mellanox X3 dual port 10gbe adapters and I'm connecting them to a pair of Cisco 3548's configured with vPC and teaming set to Dynamic 802.3ad (two ports, one to each 3548).  Initially, all seems fine - the ports come up and vPC consistency is successful, but if I disconnect a port, I lose all connectivity.  Further, if I change to Static mode teaming with the ports up and active (channel-group 1 mode active), I get a BSOD.


      Mellanox team1 has no default gateway

      Mellanox team2 has a default gateway

      With everything up, I can ping a device on team1's subnet

      After eth1/1 shutdown, I see:

      one port channel go down

      pings continue for a few seconds

      pings stop, I get a response from the default gateway saying no route to host

      If I try to ping the IP of team1, I get the same (no route to host from default gateway)

      On windows I see one of the team interfaces down, but the team is still up

      On the second Nexus 3548, I can see the port is up and consistent


      My questions:


      - if Windows says the team is up, if there is an issue with the switch config I would expect to see pings time out, not no route to host.  Does this point to a driver/config issue in Windows?

      - are there any recommendations for vCP config and mellanox cards?

      - assuming LACP is preffered, what teaming mode should I use to enable LACP and not lose connectivity if one link goes down?


      I've spent the better part of a day fighting with this, so any and all advice would be gratefully received!