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    SX1012 Openflow => Defense4All via OpenDaylight Controller


      Hi all,


      I intend to replace my current TOR Cisco Stack in favour of a pair of SX1012 switches.


      These will be used as TOR switches to connect to my current HP C7000 Blade Chassis's using HP Flex10 Switches.


      I've been getting hit with some recent DDOS attacks, see attached graphs.


      I'm wanting to know with the new SX1012 switches, has any testing been done with the new Defense4All app as part of the new OpenDaylight Hydrogen Controller or any other OpenFlow DDOS protection ?




      Additionally can DDOS traffic be just dropped at the switch or does it need to go to Radware AMS or other IPS ?


      I know this is all very new stuff but any info you can give me would be great in planing for the future etc..


      Regards, Daniel