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    Corrupt Voltaire 9024-m firmware help?

      You may have seen all my issues with this switch, but I was unable to access it via the fabric, and I finally got the serial console cable working, it turns out either my serial ports are bad or somebody printed some wrong instructions, but I can get to the console now, but the problem now is the firmware is corrupt and I just get the "ppcboot" prompt and I am wondering how to fix it if possible.  I think I can use flint to update firmware, but i'm confused as to the command line on windows or if it's even possible.  Will the firmware contained in the "9024d-m" zip file valid for a 9024m?


      **I just recieved the .ibswlrm file, but how do I get that onto the switch from a windows workstation?  can I "burn" it via flint? 


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