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    FlexBoot linux IBoIP


      Dear community.

      Trying to figure out how to use FlexBoot for our IB only server nodes.

      Reading the documents



      and using the download area

      Mellanox Products: Mellanox FlexBoot


      So basically I find for download: customized versions of initrd  and vmlinuz  to be used in the PXE server

      to netboot the nodes to be installed.

      RHEL 5.6 and Centos 5.6 are the latest versions to be downloaded.


      Question: What do I have to do in order to remote install a later version like RH/Centos 6.4 or 6.5 ?

      1) are there any plans to produce newer version of initrd and vmlinuz for these later version

      2) is it possible to modify the initrd  following the 7.1.1 example adding IB driver to initrd (linux) in the document FlexBoot_User_Manual, but if so, what needs to be done with the vmlinuz file?

      Regards, Ingvar


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          I was very disappointed with FlexBoot.


          I think OptionROM has a unique room for reserve any configurations (SRP, iSCSI,PXE) like CNA's from

          Intel, Chelsio, Emulex and so on.


          If you reboot the server then all configuration will be go away...

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              Can you elaborate which configurations got lost ?






              For example is ISCSI configuration is done thorough DHCP , they are







              Regarding our ability to reserve configurations - let's review
              our configurations setting options and their persistency:



              Option 1 : DHCP server - configurations are stored in the server.



              Option 2 : External Tool - which configures the adapter:



              1. UEFI - HII (Mellanox Driver) :
              NIC configurations , Boot configurations are persistent and apply to
              legacy OptionRom ( FlecBoot).



              2. OS - user level application -
              configuration tool - being defined these days (to configure FlexBoot)



              Option3 : FlexBoot GUI - for configuring the Adapter (invoked by pressing
              hot key) - NIC configurations , Boot configurations are
              persistent. Currently this GUI is at beta level and should be
              available around August.



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                  I was tried option 3.

                  iSCSI boot over IPoIB and SRP boot.

                  Both option was works well.

                  ESXi installer can install on boot LUN 0.

                  This LUNs isolated each ESXi host.

                  Installation finished and reboot the host and host showed a message of can't find boot device.



                  My system BIOS support IB boot sequence.

                  I was check configuration via press hot key.

                  There isn't any configuration and clean status.

                  I'm also tried reconfigure and boot with LUN 0 that have a ESXI boot image.

                  Boot process work perfectly in both iSCSI, SRP targets.


                  This test proceed in last year this time.

                  But I was give up that configuration.


                  Because there is any command that save configuration permernantly.



                  I'm also read FlexBoot release note.

                  That shows me a one message that can't support QSFP cable with latest ConnectX-2 firmware.

                  It seems only support ConnectX-3 with QSFP cable.


                  Is there any solution?

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                Hi ingvar_j,


                "Question: What do I have to do in order to remote install a later version like RH/Centos 6.4 or 6.5 ?"


                Nothing! support is built in.



                in any case - you can find RH/CentOS 6.4 at :


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                  I am also trying to boot via PXE on Infiniband with ConnectIB card and I have found out, there are available Driver Update disc for Ethernet on FlexBoot site: DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL7.1 Driver

                  Is there anything similar for PXE over Infiniband  on CentOS 7.2?


                  Thank you for your answer