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    Does VMA support  SR-IOV?



      I am trying VMA in a Linux kvm Virtual Machine, with SR-IOV, MLNX_OFED_LINUX-2.0-3.0.0 and fw 2.30.3000

      I have log_num_mgm_entry_size=-1 in modprobe but it doesn't seem to matter, because the value in /sys/module/mlx4_core/parameters/log_num_mgm_entry_size is always 10 (the default one). In hypervisor the /sys param is -1.


      Also, what does the Error about QP mean?

      UDP seems to be working but vma_stats does not show any offloaded packets.

      TCP doesn't work at all, the client fails to connect to the server.


      VMA INFO   : VMA_VERSION: 6.4.11-0 Release built on 2013-09-08-09:51:56

      VMA INFO   : Cmd Line: sockperf server --load-vma -i

      VMA INFO   : Log Level                      3                          [VMA_TRACELEVEL]

      VMA INFO   : MTU                            2044                       [VMA_MTU]

      VMA INFO   : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

      VMA WARNING: ***********************************************************************************************

      VMA WARNING: * VMA will not operate properly while flow steering option is disabled!                       *

      VMA WARNING: * Please restart your VMA applications after running the following:                           *

      VMA WARNING: * WARNING: the following steps will restart your network interface!                           *

      VMA WARNING: * 1. "echo options mlx4_core log_num_mgm_entry_size=-1 > /etc/modprobe.d/mlx4_core.conf"    *

      VMA WARNING: * 2. "/etc/init.d/openibd restart"                                                          *

      VMA WARNING: * Read more about the Flow Steering support in the VMA's User Manual                          *

      VMA WARNING: ***********************************************************************************************

      VMA WARNING: ndv94:configure() Mismatch between interface mlx0 MTU=1500 and VMA_MTU=2044. Make sure VMA_MTU and all offloaded interfaces MTUs match.

      sockperf: == version #2.5.231 ==

      VMA ERROR  : rfs[0x26fb470]:186:create_ibv_flow() Create of QP flow ID failed with flow dst:, src:, protocol:UDP


      BTW, on bare metal VMA works quite nice.