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    ConnectX®-3 EN vs Ubuntu 13.04


      Hi, New to the Mellanox community and trying to figure out my way around after using another vendors cards for the last few years.


      I have a mxc311a-xcat single port 10g card.  Ubuntu 13.04 seems to come out of the box with drivers that work with the card:


      # ethtool -i p6p1

      driver: mlx4_en

      version: 2.0 (Dec 2011)

      firmware-version: 2.11.500

      bus-info: 0000:02:00.0

      supports-statistics: yes

      supports-test: yes

      supports-eeprom-access: no

      supports-register-dump: no

      supports-priv-flags: no


      Is this the latest driver for the card?


      I tried downloading mlnx-en-2.0-3.0.0.tgz but after installing some dependencies:


        apt-get install dpkg-dev autotools-dev dkms debhelper  zlib1g-dev rpm


      and running:




      success was reported but I didn't find any new .ko modules.  Is that to be expected?


      Thanks.  -- Bud