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    SX1024 QSFP ports for 40 GbE host connections



      The SX1024 switch documentation indicates that it includes 48 SFP+ ports for 10 GbE and 12 QSFP ports for 40/56 GbE. However, the manual (http://www.mellanox.com/related-docs/prod_eth_switches/PB_SX1024.pdf) seems to indicate that the QSFP ports are uplink-only.  Is there any reason that the QSFP ports cannot be used to directly connect hosts?  For example, can hosts A and B, both with ConnectX-3 Pro adapters, be connected to the switch using QSFP copper cables (e.g., part number MC2210130-001) and communicate with one another at 40 Gbps (ignoring potential bottlenecks at the host)?


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