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    upgrade mt43132 switch firmware?

      How do you upgrade?  The firmware I downloaded is a .tgz and when extracted I get a buch of files without an .img extension. 

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          Hi Michael,


          Once you extract the tgz file, a bin file should appear.

          You can program the firmware using any host with an IB connection to that switch.

          Simply run the ibswitches command to retrieve all the LIDs of the switches in the fabric.

          Once you have the LID, use flint to program the firmware.

          For example:

          flint -d lid-<lid> -i <path to firmware> b


          eyals:~ # ibswitches

          Switch  : 0x0002c9020040fc28 ports 36 "Infiniscale-IV Mellanox Technologies" base port 0 lid 44 lmc 0

          flint -d lid-44 -i /tmp/firmware.bin b


          don't forget to reboot the switch after the new firmware is programmed.


          Good luck!