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    VMWare ESXi 5.1 + MNEH28-XTC ConnectX issue?



      I have an issue with using this card in 2 out of 3 Supermicro X8DTT motherboards.  On one of them it seems to work fine. On the other two there is an IOMMU error in the ESXi logs and although I can bind it to an IP address and a vswitch, it never sees any traffic and it is unable to ping out.  is there any known issues?  The motherboards are all at the same firmware level.



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          Can you check your BIOS configuration?


          VMware IOMMU function derived from Intel VT-d configuration.


          If you check all X8DTT BIOS configuration about Intel VT-d.


          ConnectX VPI also has a problem with Intel VT-d functions.

          MNEH28-XTC is a ConnectX families.

          I'm not a Mellanox Ethernet products but I guess that has a same architecture.


          Good luck...

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