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    About connecting CX2 to CX3

      Hello all, I am new to here, and I googled very long time and I still cannot find a detailed info about connecting QDR to FDR.

      As I know infiniband is auto-negotiate (switch to HCA and QDR to DDR or SDR), but can I connect FDR to QDR HCA to HCA?

      Thanks for any input.


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          The first question I ask is where is your Subnet Manager running.  Even back to back connections need a subnet manager.  If you are running Linux on both hosts - go to one host and run

          $/etc/init.d/opensmd start (As root obviously)


          If that doesn't bring up your link the next thing to look at is OFED drivers and things like that.

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            I do not have an answer to this question but a comment.

            Whether IB supports fabrics that are made up of point to point connections is a popular question I believe. It is not clearly documented.


            Are point to point links supported (sounds like the answer is yes)?

            Are there any ramifications to operating behavior if a switch is missing? For instance will multicast work if the SA has no switch tables to configure?