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    ofed for debian wheezy ?? newbe here ! :-(

      Hello there,

      I've purchased and installed a couple of these

      InfiniBand: Mellanox Technologies MT25418 [ConnectX VPI PCIe 2.0 2.5GT/s - IB DDR / 10GigE] (rev a0)


      So far after installing the default packages in debian wheeze they seem to be running ok .



      Infiniband device 'mlx4_0' port 1 status:

        default gid: fe80:0000:0000:0000:001a:4bff:ff0c:d1f1

        base lid: 0x0

        sm lid: 0x0

        state: 1: DOWN

        phys state: 2: Polling

        rate: 10 Gb/sec (4X)



      Infiniband device 'mlx4_0' port 2 status:

        default gid: fe80:0000:0000:0000:001a:4bff:ff0c:d1f2

        base lid: 0x1

        sm lid: 0x1

        state: 4: ACTIVE

        phys state: 5: LinkUp

        rate: 20 Gb/sec (4X DDR)



      CA 'mlx4_0'

        CA type: MT25418

        Number of ports: 2

        Firmware version: 2.6.0

        Hardware version: a0

        Node GUID: 0x001a4bffff0cd1f0

        System image GUID: 0x001a4bffff0cd1f3

        Port 1:

        State: Down

        Physical state: Polling

        Rate: 10

        Base lid: 0

        LMC: 0

        SM lid: 0

        Capability mask: 0x02510868

        Port GUID: 0x001a4bffff0cd1f1

        Port 2:

        State: Active

        Physical state: LinkUp

        Rate: 20

        Base lid: 1

        LMC: 0

        SM lid: 1

        Capability mask: 0x0251086a

        Port GUID: 0x001a4bffff0cd1f2


      I seem to be running firmware 2.6.0 .. Is it Obsolete? Do I need to upgrade.



      What version of OFED for debian wheezy do I need to download from OpenFabrics.org OR Mellanox ??

      There Seem to be a zillion Versions.

      I' ve installed opensm from debian wheezy repo

      libopensm2    3.2.6-20090317-2.1         

      opensm         3.2.6-20090317-2.1           


      Plus a few other packages required in debian.

      Will the ofed dist from openfabrics conflict with the debian onces ??

      Will the ofer dist will create and install .debs ??


      Sorry for this but I am indeed very new to inifiniband stuff ..


      Cheers and thanks in advance


        • Re: ofed for debian wheezy ?? newbe here ! :-(

          Regarding the firmware version I do not know, you should check if there are newer versions for your HCA and update it to get the full benefits or RDMA and/or SRVio.


          But I have tried installing the Mellanox OFED stack (Ubuntu version) on Debian 7.1 (wheezy), but I do not get it to compile correctly as there are redeclarations starting with "TCA_CODEL_UNSPEC" etc.


          So you can either rebuild the OS driver following those instructions:



          or use the drivers that come with Debian 7.1. Performance is sub-par with the default drivers, regardless of the firmware used.


          It would be nice if Mellanox would provide updated drivers also for Debian :-)