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    Do older ConnectX Rev A0 QDR HCA support the 2.9.1 firmware?

      Hi! We have several SuperMicro 6026TT-IBQF that have the old Rev A0 ConnectX QDR adapters (lspci shows MT26428 as the PCI DevID). I checked with SuperMicro and was told that Rev A0 only supports firmware 2.7.2. Is this really the case? It looks like from the Mellanox website, it should be able to support 2.9.1. When I run ibv_devinfo, board_id shows SM_2091000001000, so I'm not sure which firmware I should use from this link to test: http://www.mellanox.com/page/firmware_table_ConnectXIB. There are at least 3 firmware images available, all have Mellanox-specific PSIDs and none are for Rev A0. Help! Regards, Mark


      [root@LF-R4S1A ~]# ibv_devinfo
      hca_id: mlx4_0
              transport:                      InfiniBand (0)
              fw_ver:                         2.7.200
              node_guid:                      0030:48ff:ffcc:2544
              sys_image_guid:                 0030:48ff:ffcc:2547
              vendor_id:                      0x02c9
              vendor_part_id:                 26428
              hw_ver:                         0xA0
              board_id:                       SM_2091000001000
              phys_port_cnt:                  1
                      port:   1
                              state:                  PORT_ACTIVE (4)
                              max_mtu:                2048 (4)
                              active_mtu:             2048 (4)
                              sm_lid:                 2
                              port_lid:               4
                              port_lmc:               0x00
                              link_layer:             IB