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    Can I mix 10GigE and IB on an ESXi (v5.1 u1) host?

      Just started building our VMware environment.  The servers (DL380p Gen8) each have an MT26448 10GigE card installed.  I would like to add in a QDR IB card on each server for the backend VMware datastore (not necessarily for passthrough at this point, only for shared VM image storage).  I noticed while setting up the 10GigE card for networking that I had installed the v1.8.1 OFED driver (Mellanox) and vSphere interpreted the card as a storage interface.  I then installed v1.6.1.2 of the net-mlx4-en network driver, but vShpere still interpreted the card as storage.  I then removed all components of the OFED driver, after which vShpere then recognized the MT26448 as a network interface.


      My question is this -- if we add an ConnectX IB card into the mix, is there some configuration of the drivers that will allow vSphere to recognize the IB card as a storage interface and the 10GigE card as a network interface simultaneously?