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    windows 8 pro


      The whitepaper, "Deploying Windows Server® 2012 with SMB Direct over

      Mellanox InfiniBand End-to-End Interconnect Solutions"

      describes a server that's windows 2012 and a client that's 2012.

      Is it possible to use a windows 2012 server and a windows 8 pro client?



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          Yes, Both OS's have the RDMA and IB Support. - Update - Server 2012 supports RDMA with SMB Direct and Network Direct, the Windows 8 Client OS does support IB however.

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            Following the directions from the whitepaper on a windows 8 Pro client, In powershell:


            >PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-NetOffloadGlobalSetting | Select NetworkDirect




            How do I install Network Direct for Windows 8Pro?  is it possible?

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                Are you installing the current IB drivers for Windows 8/2012?  Those will update the firmware on the card, as well as give you the driver to support smb direct.  Also, this will only work on ConnectX 3 cards, the ConnectX 2 are not supported on Win 8/2012.


                Get-SmbClientNetworkInterface should tell you if RSS & RDMA are available

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                    I've installed MLNX_VPI_WinOF-4_40_0_All_win8_x64

                    The cards are brand new, so they didn't update firmware during the install. 

                    The cards are ConnectX3 VPI.

                    I'm looking at:


                    and it says that:


                    Modifies the Network Direct (RDMA) global state on the computer. This is a server only setting. The acceptable values for this parameter are:
                    -- Enabled: NetworkDirect is globally enabled.
                    -- Disabled: NetworkDirect is globally disabled.
                    The default value is Enabled.

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                        what is Get-SmbClientNetworkInterface telling you, and you may want to try re-installing the drivers, but as Administrator, I have had issues with the latest installer not elevating, and not doing the firmware update.  I'll put a card in one of my Win 8 machines and validate this, I have been running this in Servers mostly.

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                            PS C:\WINDOWS\system32>  Get-SmbClientNetworkInterface



                            Interface Index     RSS Capable         RDMA Capable        Speed               IpAddresses         Friendly

                            ---------------     -----------         ------------        -----               -----------         ---------

                            20                  False               False               0  bps              {fe80::b942:5ced... Ethernet

                            16                  False               False               100 Kbps            {fe80::ffff:ffff... Local Are

                            13                  False               False               0  bps              {fe80::38af:caea... Ethernet

                            14                  False               False               0  bps              {fe80::5efe:192.... isatap.ho

                            19                  True                False               54 Gbps             {fe80::6576:b81a... Ethernet

                            15                  False               False               0  bps              {fe80::5efe:192.... isatap.{2

                            12                  True                False               1 Gbps              {fe80::b9b9:a296... Ethernet