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    ESOS SRP Target / SAN


      is anyone else using ESOS for target San server?

      enterprise-storage-os - ESOS - An open source, high performance, block-level storage platform. - Google Project Hostin…

      good manual here for DRBD SAN cluster.


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      If so has anyone had issues with the SCST SRP INITIATOR 0xd949560e4ff0030100237dffff95169d for example?

      seems to be some formatting issue.


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          Haven't got any experience with ESOS SRP target / SAN,

          You can try use VSA-provider (Mellanox Acceleration Storage) to expose SSD disk arrays on the FC-SAN, than add targets/LUNs to create Volumes or vDisks that can be assigned to initiators over Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI, iSER FCoE). This will garantie storage fast-access the same as SRP-target

          More information on VSA can be obtained from http://www.mellanox.com/