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    diff between mthca and mlx4 drivers

      wondaring why there are two drivers ?

      are they independent of each other ?

      which firmware/hca onwards mlx4 is intended for ?

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          Which operating system are you using?


          About 2-3 years ago (around RHEL/CentOS 6.0 time), I was using Infinihost III cards.  From memory, they used the mthca driver (on RHEL/CentOS) at the time.


          These days I'm using ConnectX (version 1) cards, which seem to be using mlx4.


          I sort of remember reading that the mthca/mlx4 software changed a while ago, with some of the functionality moved around between them.  I don't remember the details in any depth though... and I think that might have just been on ESX drivers or something. (unsure, and it's been a long day. )