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    Add target crashes the initiator system with MLNX_OFED-1.5.3-3.0.0

      Hi Guys,


      I'm just running into a strange problem, I try to through SRP to a target and can find the target by ibhosts and ibsrpdm. but when I run command like below to add target on initiator, it crashes the system immediately(system reboot)


      -n max_cmd_per_lun=256,id_ext=0002c903005836ae,ioc_guid=0002c903005836ae,dgid=fe800000000000000002c903005836af,pkey=ffff,service_id=0002c903005836ae,initiator_ext=0x0002c90300583b53


        the target works well with intiator on MLNX_OFED-2.0, but this problem occurs on MLNX_OFED-1.5.3, anyone has met this issue before or has any suggestion? thanks a lot.



      SLES 11 SP2, MLNX_OFED-1.5.3-3.0.0, firmware
      2.9.1/2.11(two HCAs on initiator, no bonding,  tried replace firmware but
      didn’t help)

      Mellanox ConnectX-3 HCA, target and initiator connect
      through switch.