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    What's your fav IB Target ?

      hi all


      what is everyone using for Targets with Infiniband?


      Open-E (uses SCST)


      Quantastor (uses SCST)

      Sun (forget what it uses sim to SCST, but was really slow when tested it)

      Oracle (hmmm?)


      Which is the prefered protocol? SRP, IPOIB, ISER....?


      What Initiator are you using?  Linux, Vmware, Windows, etc...?

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          My personally preferred protocol is definitely SRP.


          Used to use that with SCST a lot, before joining Red Hat a few years ago.  Around RHEL 6.0 beta release time.


          Only getting back into Infiniband stuff again now that I'm working with the Gluster (storage stuff) team at Red Hat.


          Haven't tried SCST nor SRP again though.  It's on my ToDo list, but not near the top.

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              Sweet, Gluster.  did try it but couldnt get it to work on IB, so gave up till it matures a bit more.


              not tried RHEL though.  What targets does RHEL have or just all Gluster atm?

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                  Yeah, I keep on breaking Gluster (latest dev code) with RDMA too, though apparently some of the older (more stabilised) releases work ok with it.


                  RDMA and Gluster isn't a focus for me at the moment, so I haven't really looked into whether it's me doing something wrong (possible) or something that actually needs to be isolated and fixed.


                  With RHEL in general, I think the main focus stuff is iSCSI based, so probably iSER.  However, that could be completely inaccurate.  I'm kind of very focused on the bits I'm into, and haven't really looked at other RHEL stuff much.


                  (note - edited for typo fixing)