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    Suggestions for *quiet* Infiniband switch?


      Does anyone have suggestions for a quiet Infiniband switch, suitable for home use?


      Preferably 8+ CX4 ports (can be 16, 24, 30+, etc), DDR and is fairly quiet.  Fanless - or close to - would be awesome.


      Asking because a few years ago I bought a Topspin/Cisco SFS 7000 on eBay.  Similar to the one here now (no, I'm not the vendor and I don't know the guy):




      But the thing was SO incredibly noisy it was nearly useless.  Couldn't leave it turned on in the same house at all.  Extremely audible several rooms away, through multiple walls + closed doors, etc.


      Not wanting to repeat the same mistake again, as I set up a new home testing lab.

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          Funny, I was just talking about the same thing with an employee. The old SDR 8-port switches were incredibly loud (A low-port DDR one was never made.). It was amazing how much noise a small little device could make...but be warned. Almost all CX4 based switches were/are loud.


          We eventually introduced the IS5022 (8-port QDR IB with QSFP), and now of course we have the SX6012 which is 12-port FDR. Both of those systems are QUIET.


          now, I know you are looking at DDR only...but what you could do is get the IS5022 and use QSFP to CX4 hybrid cables to connect to your DDR adapters. The QDR switch will autonegotiate down to DDR.

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            Since you're shopping for deprecated gear and warranty isn't an issue, you can try swapping the fans out for quieter ones. My Topspin 90 uses standard fans with a custom connector which can be taken apart easily enough. You just need to figure out what each wire does.

            Just make sure you don't leave it in a stuffy closet that will cook your switch.

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                well we have the same problem.  we started with Topspin 3012 switch... Ouch... loud as.  so it got shoved into a sound proof chassis.  didnt really solve it, so we took the fan modules out and replaced the fans with quieter ones with same air flow.


                next we got Mellanox IS5024 and IS6025.  they can be pretty loud also.  Specailly when they are switching alot.


                The only solution was to get a 500Watt Peltier cooler in the chassis, and configure it to cool the switches, in the insulated rack.  but reciently we found high air volume 40mm fans which run quieter, and replaced the fans.  saves on power.  search quiet 40mm server fans on ebay...  Warranty... oh well... just wish Mellanox would use some quieter fans.


                we then replaced all the fans in our HP racks too as they had the same problem. at 50% its fine, but when the MB senses more temp they run faster, and much louder.  so the trick is to cool them.  But its all relative..  if youve ever heard 10 x HP C7000 Chassis running in DC! lolZ  was deaf in 1 ear in 10 mins...

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                    I have the following questions and hope someone could please help me. I have a Flextronics 24 port switch part number F-X430061. I don't know anything about this switch and normally with any other switches including Cisco, I can just simply using the Windows version of either Putt or Tera Terms to connect to it with 9600, 8, none, 1 with either no flow control or XON/XOFF. However on this Flextronics F-X430061 switch, I am unable to see a response and/or anything on the screen. So these are my questions, as I need to be able to rest to factory default, setup an IP address, and/or update the Firmware for it:


                    1/ Does the switch requires a certain type of software utility to connect, or I can just simply use Tera Term or Putty?


                    2/ What type of cable can I use? I tried using the original blue Cisco cable with DB9 9 pin serial at one end and RJ45 at the other end. I also tried using the blue Cisco cable connected to the DB9 serial connectors at both ends.


                    3/ I also tried all these serial settings: 9600 to 57600 baud rate, 8, none, 1. Flow Control either none or XON/XOFF


                    Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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                  Hi! Maybe this should become its own thread, so maybe the best thing will just be to spawn a new thread and then post its URL here. However this thread is almost what I wanted:


                  What is Mellanox', or any other manufactrurer's, smallest (so it fits in office or home), most silent four-to-twelve port 40gbps ethernet switch?


                  I guess it will have QSFP+ connectors but anything Intel XL710:s can be connected to would be fine.


                  Any thoughts on this topic would be much appreciated, thanks!