You know what..? throughout the few years of working with InfiniBand and HPC clusters, I had the oportunity to visit quite a few HPC clusters.

Usually it would be some university or other government application and sometimes it would be a commercial one.

Anywhere you can think of, somebody can find a good use for a supper computer. With some of the applications I've seen there were:

- Auto manufactures (for designing cars and car's pars. simulating this staff with real-life scenarios)

- Tires

- Home Appliance (Really??)

- Oil and Gas search and analysis

- Food industry (ye!)

- Multimedia (yes, they make movies and music with that too!! )

- Auto racing (Few of the coolest teams you can think of has one! )

- Aerospace

- Medical research

- Finance (high-speed algo-trading and analysis)

- Weather (and hurricanes) forecast.


I'm sure I left few behind.. there are so many of those out there.



Tell me about yours! interesting HPC applications you had or run into

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