So I have some spare time on my hands. I have a desire to teach myself as much as possible with regards to various facets of IT. I'm in the process of building my man cave and what better excuse to re-jig my PCs. I've turned two PCs into servers running Windows 2012 and one gaming machine and moved them to rack mount cases. One is a DC with Hyper-V the other is a file server. I've wanted to connect these together through Infiniband cards (dual port). Now I might be dead wrong with my assumptions but I thought that if I connected server 1 to server 2 & the game machine and the gaming machine and server 2 I'd get decent transfer speeds. Problem is the cards I got on ebay don't seem to work. I've been on the threads here and I've been unable to upgrade the firmwares on any of them. In device manager all I see if the card with an exclamation mark and a error 10 message indicating a HW / Firmware issue.


The seller is adamant its an install error because he's had no trouble with the other 400 he's sold, and he's telling me I need a switch..which may in fact be true with regards to how I want this setup. However a switch shouldn't have any impact with me accessing the cards. So needless to say I'm a little frustrated with the seller and this process, but I will keep trucking and try and get this resolved.